YS-1.11-LONG-view-of-Remember-300x225.gifYoga Sutra 1.11 reminds us that one of the thought patterns that can cause us suffering is memory. The Sanskrit word for memory is‘smritih’, which can be translated to mean ‘so indeed it was.’  Because memory is the reproduction of  previous impressions, including emotions, they may not always be real, rather only appear real. 

One of the strongest examples of real images are those of  September 11, 2001.  Almost every person in the entire world has a memory of that day. Most of us can remember exactly where we were the day we saw the images on the news of what had happened in New York City at the World Trade Center.  By merely mentioning the numbers 9/11,  vivid images come to mind.  There aresmritihies. The fiery images of that day are forever etched in our consciousness.

Virtually every generation has one of those moments where they will forever remember what was happening when a tragedy struck. Our grandparents or great grandparents generation had Pearl Harbor. The following generation had the assassination of JFK. And the current generation has Sept. 11, 2001.   Even those who were too young to remember the actual day have seen the pictures, and heard the stories. They, too, have these memories – these smritihies. YS-1.11-vivid-color-768x768.jpg

Anything we experience through the senses and the conscious mind is deposited in the mind-fieldinto our ‘chitta’ .  Permanent stored impression are created. None of our experiences ever disappear into oblivion.  According to the yogis, information gathered from the external world through the senses or information gained from the center of consciousness through divine revelation or inspiration is never lost.  Information, knowledge and all our life experiences and dramas are indestructible. At the individual level, memories are deposited in our personal mind-chitta-field.

At the cosmic level, things that happen in the world are deposited in the collective mind. The Sanskrit word ‘hiranya-garbha’ is used to describe the collective world consciousness. It translates to mean the ‘golden womb’. As we try to meditate or pray, the experiences of the past may slip into our conscious mind from these realms, causing our mental quietness to be disturbed and unfocused.   Sometimes our restlessness comes from the great consciousness.

It may prove very helpful to surround yourself with a golden light as you sit in pray-ful contemplation for peace in your life, as well as in the world.

Consciously sit for a few moments of reflection. Take a deep cleansing breath. Imagine a bubble ofgolden lightenveloping you. Breath from the bottom on your center to the top of your crown connection. Visualize peace . . . for yourself . . .and then for the world.

Memories are stored in the unconscious part of our minds and are likened to fog.   When we are seeking clarity and it just doesn’t seem to come, it is likely that oursmritihies are fogged-stilled.  Part of the yogic journey is to climb the steps of foggy unconsciousness, and ascend to a new heights of conscious clarity.  Without a doubt,  climbing through the fog is a faith walk of courage.  It’s easy to fall into the trap of saying or thinking things like:  I can’t see.  Nothing is clear.  Everything seems foggy. 

Use PRAYER to create clarity from past memories:

P=Pause consciously and do a full body scan.  Where do memories reside that feel like fog surrounding your current question or quest.  By seeking to see where you feel fog in your body, you can consciously breath into that part of your ‘earth-suit’ and bring clarity.  (Yes, this is a Polarity and Yoga Nidra technique!)

R=Reflect on the current clarity you do want.  Rather than staying stuck in un-clarity and not-knowing,  breath in the feeling of knowing.Hint: The feeling of knowing expands your lungs and you always smile.  So, take a deep expanding breath, and smile as if you do know.  Something magically will begin to happen — Clarity and inspiration will begin revealed.  Act as if  . . . you were clear.  Breath as if you are very clear.  Smile as if you are clear as a golden sunrise as to what your next step is.

A=Ask for divine intervention. Ask for clarity in a non-demanding way. affirm clarity in a non-attached way.  For me,  it sounds like this:  “Oh Divine Guide, I know what I seek to know of know.  I am ready to know.  When the clock of destiny is ready to  chime, I’ll be happy for a little ding from the universe . . .any little sign nudging me in the right direction.  Until then, I will rest in the clarity that I am ready for clarity.”

Y=Yoke daily with gratitude and non-attachment.  The more we are attached with the ‘need to know’ the more it seems to elude us.  “I am ready to know when it is time for me to know.” YS-1.11-light-connecting-768x768.gif

As we review the memories of 9/11 may our hearts and minds be on the lessons left from the rubble and dust.  We must pray daily for peace and meditate on a golden ball of light surrounding and protecting the world filled with people who all see the same light from the same sun and moon.

Let our smritihies be of peace and love, rather than war and separation.  Let it be so . . . and so it is!

Blessings ~ KC #Seeker

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