YS-1.2-Get-your-citta-together-300x300.gifYoga Sutra 1.2 ~ Yogas chitta vrtti nirodah is one of the most commonly quoted Yoga Sutras because it encapsulates the essence of yoga according to many, many yoga teachers through the ages.  It is most often translated to mean:

Yoga stills the fluctuations of the mind.

The word ‘Citta’ represents the content of our mind ~ all the thoughts, memories, feelings, even dreams. When we  identify closely with our ‘citta’ we experience the daily  emotional rollercoasters of life’s ups and downs.  Often our mind becomes a whirlpool of doubt and drama.  When we choose to get our ‘citta’ together we are choosing to calm and still our mental chatter.  We are choosing to become more sane and sensitive towhat is ‘real’  . . . or said another way — we begin to recognize our mind-games.

The true science of yoga deals with our relationship between what we are sensing and feeling in our body and in our mind and our breath.  It’s about how well, or how not-so-well, we learn to master (or control) our breath, which promises to  still and focus our mind.   One important distinction about applying yoga t our life, on and off the mat,  is that the goal is to become a witness to our thoughts, not to necessarily eliminate or ignore our thoughts.

The more we can witness, and register what the sensation, feelings, judgments or stories are behind our current thoughts, the more likely it is that we can consciously choose what we want to do with our thought flow.  We can choose to let our thoughts run wild — as an old yogic philosopher once likened our thought to — or we can choose to guide and direct our thoughts down a path we want to go.  Some of the desired path might be the path to peace, the path of calmness, or the path of positivity.

YS-1.2-train-up-your-thoughts-768x768.gifDay 2 Invitation

Step 1: Sit quietly ~ Close your eyes ~ Observe the thoughts that pass through your mind ~ Notice them ~ Acknowledge them the way you would a child.  Don’t judge them ~ Just notice them. Just notice.

Step 2: Consciously choose your thoughts for the day. I choose to be calm. I choose to be drama-free. I choose to be grateful!

I choose to be calm. I choose to be drama-free. I choose to be grateful!

Step 3: Go through your day noticing your thoughts . . . your ‘citta’.  As you notice your thoughts, praise and instruct your thoughts the way you  would a child.   Imagine you had the opportunity to consciously grow up your mind.  What would you do to raise up a mind that functioned well in the world?  That had high self esteem, with a perfect balance of humility and confidence.

As recorded in one of the great wisdom books — Proverbs 22:6 Raise up a child in the way you would have they go.  Let one of the new translations of Yoga Sutra 1.2 be:  Train up your thoughts in the way you would have them go! 

Grow up your thoughts to be loving, grateful.

Blessings ~ KC Miller #Seeker