Even as a child of 7 years old I understood being singled out to be in the ‘Orange-bird’ reading group was to be at the bottom of the pecking order. While I wasn’t a dunce, I did experience ‘word-blindness’ or a condition known as dyslexia. beware_of_god.gif

 One of my greatest life lessons, stored deep within my body, came when the director of the Sunday School delivered the edict I was now at the ‘age-of-reading’ I should stop praying off the top of my head. The directive was I must read the approved prayers issued by the church senate to ensure proper preparation for communion. (Note her words were ‘the age-of-reading’ and not ‘the age-of reason’). 


I was devastated. As I struggled to read the prayers written on the pages, I wept because they didn’t match the meditations of my young heart. I grew more and more dissonant, burrowing deep within in angry and confusion. The grades on my report card plummeted, showing S- and D’s . . . which I translated to mean I was stupid and dumber-than-dumb. 

A hero appeared in the form of my 3rd grade teacher. One fateful day Mrs. Christiansen asked me to stay in at recess so she could talk to me about my brain. You can imagine the things that went through my head as I tried in my innocence to make sense of the invitation. listen_with_not_just_your_heart.gif

With great care my teacher delivered the results of days of testing by explaining: “KC, dear, you are one of the luckiest little girls I know. The Angels have chosen you to see things differently. Sometimes they close a door to a certain room in your brain; when they do, they always open a big window in another part of your brain. In your case, the door they closed was to a room filled with old boring books. The Angels have given you big picture window from which to see the world in full color, alive with magical possibilities”. She finished her report with a statement that has been incepted deeply in my subconscious: “You will always see things differently.”

love_to_evolve.gif She was right. I have always been very visual, seeing opportunities where others did not see them, seeing the good in people when even they themselves did not see it and I have always been able to intuit messages from unlikely places. (Ask me about Toe Reading sometime for a full understanding about seeing things differently.)

Recently I was writing in one of my journals and the word G-O-D was magical decoded to read D-O-G. My heart flipped as I clearly saw the full word: Dogma . . . followed by the words Spiritual Dyslexia. God is love and love must evol-ve. Do you see it? L-O-V-E spelled backward is E-V-O-L, the first four letters in evolve. That’s my assignment for today: See it differently! What, who or how can I evolve today?

When in doubt: Close your eyes and see with your heart. einstien_.gif

PS: As a postscript to my dyslexia, the two things that most improved my reading and brain function were dancing and embracing Brain Gym®, an educational model that honors the innate intelligence of our body and the value of movement in daily life. It encourages creativity, self-expression, and an appreciation of music and drumming in education. All of these factors are fully embraced in the educational process at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe,

FUN FACT: Albert Einstein, one of the great minds of his century, was thought to suffer from dyslexia mainly because of his bad memory and his constant failure to be able to do the simplest of things. He would not remember the months in the year or his address, yet he succeed in solving some of the most complicated mathematical formulas of the time without any trouble. My belief is he, too, saw things differently. 

prayer.gif KC QUOTE: What’s important to one brain is not important to another! Let us not be attached to how someone else sees the world if it is different than our viewpoint. My prayer is we will evolve to love one another for the sake of loving them for the view from their heart. ~ KC Miller 

** Allow we to honor Melissa Corter as a Spirit-directed messenger. She calls herself a ‘Soul Artist’. What I LOVE about her work is her ability to help others see themselves as they are on a soul level. Her website is: ~ I am pretty sure Melissa has spiritual dyslexia. : )